Monday, June 30, 2008

MOPS Garage Sale

This past weekend we had our MOPS garage sale to help fund our upcoming year. Thursday night we drug everything out and priced all the items, but since there were only two of us doing it, it to FOREVER! But, we did get it done and on both Friday and Saturday mornings we woke up bright and early and sold as much as we could. We managed to sell about $600 worth and most of that was from the baby clothes we had. We didn't have any girl clothes even! Anyway, it was well worth the time and effort and we had fun just the group of us hanging out. The hardest part of the whole thing was that DJ was gone Thursday through Saturday for a fire, so I had to take my kids, but luckily they were fairly well behaved and had fun playing with the other kids.
I'm not sure I mentioned it, but MOPS is going to be at our church next year and I'm totally excited about it. Our numbers were really dwindling toward the end of last year, but rumor is everyone is very happy about us switching churches. God's totally been in control over this years events and leaders. I know it will be a much better experience this year than last. Not that any of you have a lack of things to pray about, but if you think of it, please pray for our MOPS group. We're really hoping we can reach many more moms in our community and provide for them the opportunity to come to know the Lord. Not just moms that are already Christians.
I can't wait to see where God takes us!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two ships passing in the night

My picture has nothing to do with my blog, I just wanted to show you how much Jerome likes waffles with powdered sugar!

It has been really dry here. Well, it's probably been dry everywhere, but we are having fire after fire here! DJ's been working 6 or 7 days per week since the middle part of May. On top of that he's been working at least 10 hours per day and more often it's been 12-15 hours. And I must say its getting a little old, but I have to suck it up and be tough since this is his job! Bailey's been missing him a lot, especially since a lot of times he leaves before she wakes up in the morning and gets home just before or after she goes to bed. She keeps telling me in the mornings that she didn't get to tell him bye. It's so sad. So anyway, it is almost as bad as him being on a detail since I still have to make all the decisions for everything, and do everything, cause who knows when he'll be home to do it himself. There I go whining again.... :)

It's all good though. I'm sure that when he gets his next paycheck I will be a little more excited about him working so much overtime.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Boy and Big Quads

We took Jerome to his 18 month check-up yesterday. All is well and he's pretty healthy over all. Dr. Cunningham has been very understanding about us not doing vaccinations, and that has been such a blessing. I'm not ready to give up my pediatrician, but don't agree with everything they do, either. And I think she's the best we've got in our parts. So when she checked our charts she said, "So, we're holding off on shots, right?" I of course said yes, but thought, "Sure, whatever terminology makes you feel good!" It made me chuckle inside.
Of course Jerome got weighed and since we were in there just three weeks ago for a vicious sinus infection we got to see how much weight he had gained. Here's where the Big Boy part of the title comes in. He gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks! Newborns hardly grow that fast! That threw him into the 90% pecentile for height and weight. The doctor couldn't even believe it and confirmed what I already assumed: he's gonna be tall.

I thought I'd weigh Bailey since we were there and she even gained 1 pound in the last three weeks. Not bad for the girl who gained only 4 pounds between ages 1 and 2. So now Bailey weighs 28 pounds and Jerome weighs 27 pounds. That's why I keep getting people asking me if they are twins. It's almost on a daily basis now. Together they weigh 55 pounds. That number will come in later.

K, now for the Big Quads. You all know that I've been running three days a week since about mid March. Amy and I've hung in there pretty well and have only skipped a few days in there. But since neither of us were getting the results we were wanting (I want to drop about 10-15 pounds and she doesn't need to lose weight but wants to tone up her legs and butt) we consulted the professional Whitney and she suggested hills and speed work and other evil activities. So now 1-2 days a week we are torturing ourselves with things like stadium bleacher running and running up Skyline drive. Or at least we're trying to do those things. And I hurt! And as if the pain wasn't bad enough I decided in the name of high gas prices I would borrow a bicycle trailer from a friend to see if I could haul my hiney and my kids' hineys over to my parents house. This is my main traveling and it is only about a mile with at least 25 stop signs so, I figure that's why my gas mileage is crap. (Well, and that our car is a gas guzzler.) I go over to my parents a lot during the day to drop off my kids and to pick them up again. Some days I will make up to 6 one way trips! Anyway, a mile is a piece of cake, but then you add my heavy children, plus a 28 pound trailer, that's a lot of extra weight! 83 pounds to be exact. Plus there's this itty bitty hill on Myrtle that doesn't feel so itty bitty on my body! I think you get the picture. I'm going to have HUGE quads for Di's wedding. Good thing you didn't get us short dresses. It could have been ugly. Very Ugly.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer Request

You've all had some yucky prayer requests lately, so I'm gonna add one more. Please pray for my mom. It seems like every time my kids get sick, so does she (which isn't too surprising since she watches them a lot). But with her lung problem she really struggles getting well again. She has to go on strong antibiotics, which we all know is not good for her, and it takes her weeks, or extra rounds to get her well again. Then not a week or two later she's back on them again with problems. So this last go round she broke out with welts and a rash. She went to the urgent care in Pueblo and they said it was a reaction from the build up of a particular antibiotic in her system. They put her on Prednizone (sp?) and Benedryl and it seem to clear it up but it is back again and she has been off her antibiotic. And in the mean time her breathing problem is getting worse. She feels horrible. She's been on the line of being diagnosed with COPD for a while, which eventually kills the person that has it. I feel like this could be a turning point in my mom's health and something needs to give in order for her to stick around long enough to see my kids graduate high school. (That is a goal of hers.)
I know that her being around the kids when they are sick is much of the problem. I don't want to be selfish here, but we can't afford to pay a babysitter either. I pretty much refuse to hand over what I make doing massages to some teenager, but we can't afford to not have that income in the winter time.
We're going to have to some thinking and praying for a solution. An obvious one is to keep my kids well more of the time, but that is easier said than done when they are in the church nursery and MOPS.
And it's not like my mom is knocking on death's door right now or anything, but it is finally hitting me that she can't keep up like she has been the last couple of months.
Pray for us that God will close and open doors as he see fit.