Friday, August 29, 2008

East Slide Rock Ridge Fire

Here's a picture of the fire DJ is on right now near Jarbidge, Nevada. (Yeah, Nevada has some dumb names for their towns. Winnemucca, anyone?) He finally got a minute to call (four minutes exactly) and said the fire is around 35,000 to 40,000 acres now. He sounded totally exhausted and said that he's had lots of long days and short nights. He also mentioned that he's really having a tough time being away from us this time. I know it's tough for them when they're sleeping in a tent on the fire and not being able to call home. Maybe if you girls think about it, you could say a quick prayer for him that he'll have plenty of strength and be alert enough to stay safe. His last day on the fire should be the 7th and then he will have two days travel home. It seems like forever away, especially when I know he's having a hard time. Anyway, I'm doing pretty well considering. I hate going to bed (hence it being 11 pm) when he's not home, so I've been a bit tired. We're staying busy so hopefully the 9th will come soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Since DJ left for a fire in Nevada on short notice yesterday I'm trying to be excited about his time away and see it as a chance to do some fun things with the kids. After their naps they were pretty restless (as usual) so I thought, "Hey, I'm wanting to get more exercise so I should take them for a stroller ride!" So I look out the window and it is starting to cloud up but even though it has thretened rain for several days now, it hasn't actually done it. So I was thinking that even if it did rain while we were out that it wouldn't be long or hard. (And here DJ would say, "That's what you get for thinkin'!")
I get tired of walking them up and down the streets around my house because the sidewalks are all broken and some sections are raised a good three inches above the one before from tree roots growing under them. So I packed up kids and stroller into the car and we drove just around the corner to third street by the train depot and walked on the riverwalk there. I've never been on that part since they opened it.
As we were unloading we could hear some quiet thunder and the clouds were a little heavier, but I still wasn't worried. A little rain never hurt anyone! We got out of the parking lot and walked across the bridge over the river and looked a minute or so then continued on. A lot quicker than I expected we made it to 9th street and I decided turning around would be a smart plan. I walked a bit faster this time since the thunder was getting much louder and tiny rain drops were starting to fall. Just as we got within 20 feet of the bridge the train uses (which goes above the riverwalk) it really started to come down. So I ran under the bridge and we sat there. And sat there. And sat there. The rain got harder and the thunder and lightning got louder. We sat there about 45 minutes before it finally got back to sprinkles! The kids had a great time under there and even would run out into the rain and stand there for a second. Really the whole thing was pretty humorous!
So when we headed back I put my jacket over the opening of the stroller and I ran about 150 yards back to the car. Didn't get much of a workout, but we did have a good time and we ended up with a story to tell!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Since Whitney's poll closed and Tiana got to vote, I'll give my results. I was not afraid of horney toads, but I was of all the others. Silly, I know, but the horney toads were very interesting.... I never see any here in Canon, but they were all over in Monument. I have to think of my next one, but I'll post one soon too. Let's keep doing this, I like it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I love camping. I love it. Unfortunately we haven't gotten to go as much as I did when I was younger, and really, I want to go more now than I ever have. It is most definitely a vacation. Another sad thing is that in me and DJ's whole married life we have never been able to go camping together. Although you could consider going hunting, we have never gone just to go fishing, or on a hike and then go take a nap. Hunting isn't exactly the most relaxing sport. So this weekend we (my parents and I) loaded up half the house and the kids and headed toward O Haver Lake to stay over night. One night never used to be worth going for, but now with little ones, it's about all I care to handle. Maybe next year it will be easier to go for two nights. We all had a great time with ATV rides, walks and s'mores! It was a quick trip, but a nice little get away to wonderful smelling air and beautiful scenery. I wish we could go again, but it looks like this will be our one and only trip this summer... I'm already looking forward to next year!