Monday, December 29, 2008

Lousy Friend

I feel like probably you guys are wondering where on earth I've gone. But I'm still here, in little ol Canon. I hope you all don't think I've been a lousy friend. Of course I'm sure you don't, but this very moment I have 209 new messages in my email inbox, so you guys aren't the only thing I've ignored lately.
Things have been going really well lately. About 3 weeks ago DJ and I set an appointment with our Pastor to go in and talk to him about us. We've seen him twice and things are going well. We haven't particularly solved anything but we have kind of renewed our marriage a little and changed our perspective. He's given us a couple of tools and so far we are liking each other more, so that is good :). It especially feels good to know we are working on it.
K-Bob's has been going really well. I'm still making far above minimum wage, so it feels good to be getting some not-so-extra money, but enough-to-pay-the-bills money. Every one there is really fun and easy to get along with. The kitchen staff is especially fun... we banter back and forth all night long, so it gives you something to look forward to when you go pick up your food! I'm getting 5 shifts a week and I rarely have one whole day off from everything, so I'm a bit tired and don't have time to do much of anything. Life's a whirl-wind right now.
Our Christmas was wonderful. DJ and I agreed that it has probably been the best one yet. The kids had a blast, and we had a great time talking, eating, giving gifts, sledding, and playing Wii. It was very full, though. We had 4 Christmases in 2 days. Pretty intense and by the end Bailey was asking if Santa was going to come again the day after Christmas. Didn't spoil her a bit! Ha!
DJ was good to me and got me just about everything I asked for and then some. It was very sweet. The kids got a ton of toys and I'm trying to go through their old stuff so that we can fit all the new stuff. It is a huge mess.
Anyway, I will try to give all of you a call soon. And if you'd like to call, feel free. I may not be able to talk, but if I can I'd love to chat! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Lord's Work

When I started my massage business I didn't dedicate it to God. I mostly dove right in and since everything fell right into place, I know that I had the Lord's blessing. I was immediately provided a reasonably priced office space, plenty of clients and the knowledge (in which I doubted at times) I needed to help people. All I knew was that I loved people, and I wanted people to be healed or at the very least feel better and be able to live their lives as pain-free and comfortably as possible.

I began in May of 2004 and have had a steady increase in clients since. And like I said, I never really verbally dedicated it to God, but I know that his hand was in everything I had done. About 6 months ago I decided that I needed to intentionally place my clients and their physical problems in His hands. I, without any particular plan, quietly prayed that God would use me and my hands to help people. And that has been what I've seen in my office. I've had the good problem of losing clients because they feel better. And I've seen clients go from struggling with their intense pain constantly to feeling 90% better 90% of the time. I've even been doing some CranioSacral work on a young stroke patient and she's responding fairly well to the treatments. I've not been the one that has changed these people's lives because I haven't acquired any new knowledge or skills. It's all God. He's so awesome!

But I've found a new passion in the massage therapy realm. Hemophiliacs! If you know one, send him my way! I know this is another area God has lead me to in order to help people. Having Jimmy as a willing participant has been a huge blessing. Plus, if it weren't for him coming to me for some tight muscles in his back, I wouldn't have even though about massage helping him beyond his back! He's not the typical hemophiliac, but he's very candid with me about his condition and has answered about every question I've been able to come up. Having known him so long we've all learned a bit about the condition, but since I've done research I feel like I had no clue what really is involved with hemophilia. Massage is typically strongly contraindicated for hemophiliacs (especially severe ones like Jimmy), but I've found quite bit of compelling research that has convinced me otherwise. Well, and the fact that Jimmy's felt better than he's felt in a long time. His ankles aren't locking up like they were and he's had more range of motion in the joints he constantly has problems with. We've not been able to to as many sessions as we'd like because of the holidays and UPS being inundated with packages, but after the first of the year, we will be able to work more consistently. Anyway, I am working on finding contacts that can hopefully help me find more hemophiliacs to work on. That part is going to be tough since it is so rare. It's a touchy area of work, but I see it as a fun challenge! I'm really excited to keep learning and to see what God can do for these guys.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Climbing For Christ

I thought you all might be interested in some information I got yesterday. Josh Caroll has been hanging out a lot with Navan Powers and I am good friends with Navan's mom and dad who go to our church. Eileen gave me a website for Josh's mission work he's doing that you can check and see their biographies and dispatches. They give periodic updates while they are gone. I ran into Josh at K-Bobs just before Thankgiving and he said he be leaving for Haiti right away and that he was really excited about it. They just left and this webite will kinda tell you what they're doing. Click on the link, then off to the right at the top you'll see a place to click on the Haiti trip.