Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Must See!

Sunday afternoon DJ and I left the kids with Amie and Papa and we headed to Pueblo to go see the movie Fireproof. We'd heard from a couple of friends the movie was great so we thought we should go check it out. I am so glad we took the time and didn't wait until it came out on video! It is by the same people that made the football movie Facing the Giants. Both movies are Christian and they focus completely on God and salvation. If you haven't seen Facing the Giants, I would go rent that one as well. Fireproof is about a married couple with a rocky relationship on the verge of divorce. It's got some funny parts and some tear-jerkers. It is an awesome movie, I hope all of you will make it a point to go on a date and see it with your hubbys and maybe some friends. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Current Events

The last couple of weeks since Di's wedding have been pretty eventful. I think you all know the story about DJ's chin (Whit I know you do...) but I'll recap.
Thursday night Whitney was over and I was giving my kids a bath so that they'd be sqeaky clean for Di's wedding. DJ was out fiddling around in his garage. So as we were talking in the bath room with the door shut, DJ comes to the door and asks if I can talk to him. That moment I knew he had yet another power tool accident. I gave Whitney a significant glance and met DJ in the kitchen. He was holding his chin with a paper towel, with silly grin on his face. Anyway, he'd been working with his lathe and the 18" 4x4 had flown off and slashed his chin open. At that point, I took a moment to panic, then organized my mind to take care of business. Whitney and I pulled the kids out of the bathtub while DJ cleaned up. I called my mom to have her come over to put the kids to bed (it was 8pm) and we headed out the door with Whitney to drop her off and run over to the ER. It was quite hillarious, looking back, but somewhat stressful at the time! A $150 co-pay, 4 hours and 9 stitches later, we were home and examining the wood wondering how on earth his face wasn't demolished! Anyway, God was looking out for him. Now we just hope God is looking out for our pocketbook... we haven't received the bill yet....
The Saturday after Di's wedding DJ had let me sleep in. He had to head out the door to go to work at 9, so he came in at 8:30 to get me up. He crawled in to cuddle up behind me and Bailey and Jerome came in to join us so DJ lifted Bailey up on the bed, then Jerome. We were teasing both kids, then Jerome tried to get down, so we both grabbed one arm and pulled him back on the bed. Suddlenly he let out a loud cry so we knew something wasn't good. We let him settle down but every time he moved just a bit he started bawling. We thought maybe he'd snap out of it so I got up and fixed my hair and put on makeup, but he wouldn't let me put him down, so we stared getting worried. In the mean time he's still crying at the drop of a hat. So again, I call my mother to help me out since DJ's boss wouldn't let him take time off to take his son to the ER! Goodness gracious...he was ticked! My mom called my dad and he offered to take Bailey off our hands and finally DJ's boss called back to say he could take the time off. (Good thing... they were about to get an earfull from the mama! Just kidding, but it crossed my mind!) So I loaded Jerome, DJ and my mom in the car and headed to Pueblo to the Urgent Care. Anyway, to make a long story even longer, we got right in and it was just what they call Nursemaid's Elbow. Which is a fancy term for a dislocated elbow. The doc popped it right back into place and immediately he was a changed boy. All better, with sucker in hand we walked out the door. So... one sucker, a happy boy and only $10 later we were outa there! Thank you God for Urgent Cares, Thank you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too Funny Not To Blog About

Here's something I just had to share with you guys. Since Sarah Palin's kids' names are pretty different, some goofy person came up with this thingamajig that tells you what Sarah would name you if you were her child. You type in your name and it generates a new name for you. It is pretty funny what it comes up with!
My name is Jeep Pike Palin. Bailey's would be Package Wichita Palin, Jerome is Revolver Trooper Palin and DJ is Fork Decoy Palin.

Enjoy Playing!