Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top 10 Reasons

I know you all are itching to hear something from me and I feel bad about not doing it more often. I'm constantly thinking of things I can blog about, but never seem to find the time to get them done. Since I have a free evening (holy cow, how did that happen, you ask? You'll find out momentarily), here are the top 10 reasons I haven't been blogging as much as I have wanted to. It will also give you a good idea of what I've been doing lately!
In no particular order:

1. I'm still working at K-Bobs! Of course you already knew this, but it is one very good reason I've not been able to have much time to myself. Things are going well there, other than one thing. For lack of a better description there is a "family" of "regulars" that are total jerks. Actually jerk is a nice term for them. They come in AT LEAST 4 times a week and chew out every server they get, except for Kelly who, I quote, "Is the only one who can actually get it right!" So when I manage to see them coming I run to the host station and beg them to not give the jerks to me. I will bribe, I will pay good money to not have them in my section. Seriously. Other than that, I usually look forward to going into work, which is nice!

2. We're refinancing our house. Still. Since we've started the Dave Ramsey Plan, we decided to refinance the house to get some extra cash to pay off and down some debt. I'm glad that back at the end of February I decided to jump on it instantly, because we are still waiting to sign the final papers. To spare you from some really boring details, we've had to jump through some stupid red tape, but everything should be coming together sometime this week. Although that's like the 20th time we've heard that... so I'm not getting my hopes up. :)

3. Like I said a minute ago, we started the Dave Ramsey Plan! We planned on going to the weekly classes offered, but decided with our nutty schedule that would never work, so after some discussion with my parents we chose to make a small but worthwhile investment in the whole set to be able to do it all at home on our own time. We're starting on the 4th week, but have been at it about 5 weeks now and it has been totally awesome. If you find yourself with the opportunity to take the class, I would highly recommend it. So far we've saved $1,100 and we're budgeting monthly for things like car repairs, tires, home repairs, Christmas, clothing and putting extra on debt. We've also cut up all our credit cards! Added bonus? You laugh clear through it!

4. Family Kneads is in demand. Most of the time I'm having to book appointments 2 weeks out. It really is a good problem to have, but gets somewhat frustrating when new clients want to get in right this very moment despite the fact that it's Friday night and their back has been hurting since Sunday night. Helllooo?! Grrr....

5. On a not so great note, we've had almost constant sickness in our house since the end of February starting with Bailey's eye infection, then to bronchitis, double ear infections, and sinus infections. Stick in 3 weeks of my major, hard-core sinus infection and two days of the flu for me. On to projectile vomiting and diarrhea from Bailey (who has always been able to puke from her toes) and then from Jerome hours later, we think from food poisoning from a place I vow for the second -and final time- to never go to again. I'm even ashamed to mention where the food was from. Anyway... Next was Bailey's two days of 103 fever. At this point we really thought that was the end. DJ even managed to stay away from all of it! Then, last Friday night Bailey started acting a little feverish and Jerome started getting this nasty green goo coming out of his eyes and his nose. OH MY GOSH. Oh yeah, I have to add that while DJ was staying home with the kids today from Easter Sunday, he started feeling bad. He's currently in bed with a 104.2 fever. Awesome. NOT! Please pray I don't get it. I don't have time to get it.

6. I started a new job! I know what you're thinking, "this girl's an idiot!" Yes, I think I am. However, it is only to do the bookkeeping for the financial secretary at church for about 7 more weeks while she is on vacation. It is only one day a week for about 6 to 7 hours. It doesn't pay too bad, so that's one more way to pay down some debt.

7. Counseling. We've taken a break since our Pastor went on vacation for a couple weeks, but we are getting ready to get started again. Things are going great with DJ and I, by the way. Of course marriage takes work. A lot of work every single day, but the rewards are so great and we are closer than we've ever been. That's not to say there aren't any problems at all, but there are a ton less and we're managing to work through them without major turmoil. Yay!

8. We've started a new workout program. Sorta. We kinda weenied out during the first week because I had some super late nights at work and we were getting super tired. We were planning on getting going again tomorrow morning, but with DJ's lovely sickness and needing to take the kids to the doctor early tomorrow morning, I'm thinking it won't happen. It's called P90X and it's an awesome work out. Full with warm up, cool down and a nice heavy sweat in the middle! I'm psyched about it... as soon as we get started for real, that is. :)

9. I'm a mom! Yeah, I have two kids and a husband that create dirty laundry, dirty floors, dirty dishes, dirty toilets and dirty diapers (well, DJ doesn't create those, but you get the point). So I'm constantly trying to catch up on all of that. DJ's really been a super good sport about cooking dinner and cleaning and has really helped me out a lot. I'm so thankful for a husband that's willing to be mister mom for a while!

10. We're looking into, and seriously considering homeschooling. I've been doing some research and talking to people about it and I've really been feeling like God's been working on my heart about it. I've always wanted to send my kids to public school, but I'm realizing that may not be the best for our family. I'm not a fanatic and I believe the choice is purely personal, but we are definitely leaning that direction. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see everything move forward. After all, Bailey will be starting kindergarten, not this fall, but next! Can you believe it!? We have decided that if/when I start homeschooling that my working is really not practical, so we are praying that if God wants us to do this, that he provides the situation where we can afford for me to stay home completely or just do a few massages a week to help out. I know how stressed out I can get and I want my full attention to be on the kids' education. And to all you skeptics out there, I promise, my kids won't turn out weird. Promise.


Tiana said...

Oh, so you're busy? Just kidding! =) Girl, you run around more than an olympic sprinter! I'm glad that most of your reasons were good reasons. It sounds like things are really good back there, aside from the sickness jazz. I hope that's a lot better for you guys soon. I CANNOT believe that Bailey is that close to kindergarden. WOW!!!!

Alison said...

Way to go on the Dave Ramsey thing! My husband and I took the class at our church, and it was super helpful, especially as we add a little one to our family. We have identified so many ways we can save money and recently decided to do the couponing/finding free products thing. It's kind of a fun challenge and I'm thinking it will help.